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Speedy Immigration Service for Foreign Commercial Passengers Who Visit Taiwan 3 Times a Year


The National Immigration Agency (NIA) offers speedy immigration inspection service to foreign visitors who come to Taiwan 3 times a year. People qualified can apply on NIA’s website for this service, which lasts one year and can be renewed annually if the frequency, 3 times a year, lasts.

Qualified foreigners, including people from Hong Kong and Macau, can key-in the times of his/her 3 visits in the recent year on NIA’s website for application. Once approved, the applicant can use the e-gate, with the sign ‘Speedy Immigration’, in Taiwan’s airports and harbors for one year.

● We remind applicants to bring valid passports with visa and immigration registration form for inspection at the border check, and not to violate the immigration regulations.
Application website: https://oa1.immigration.gov.tw/nia_freq