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TIAC CEO David Fei Invited to Give Presentation in the 2014 Global Airport Cities Forum.


On 1 April David Fei, TIAC President & CEO, was invited to attend the 2014 Global Airport Cities Forum held in Kuala Lumpur, where he briefed on the development of Taoyuan Aerotropolis, a flagship plan of Taiwan for the next decade, and the development schedule of TTIA Terminal 3 Area, including its Multi-Function Building (MFB). TTIA is the core of the Aerotropolis Plan, and serves as the spearhead that leads Taiwan to the next milestone.

Fei’s presentation, his first one in the forum began by explaining the geographical connection between Taiwan, TTIA, and the world to stress the country’s key position in the global economy. He also pointed out that, thanks to the opening of cross-Strait direct flight which brings huge amount of passengers to Taiwan, the capacity of existing 2 terminals in TTIA is reaching saturation; therefore the pressing necessity of constructing the 3rd runway and Terminal 3. Fei especially emphasized the necessity of cooperation between airports in the Asia-Pacific region at the time of Taiwan’s aggressive transformation into a transportation hub. The dialogue between Fei and the Malaysian deputy Minister for Transport initiated opportunities of exchange between the two countries. How to create a win-win situation should also be the common target of TIAC and airports in this region. Taiwan’s open sky policy not only brings opportunities for the development of aerotropolis but also creates a proper environment that welcomes airlines operation. The 13th Global Airport Cities was an important forum for TIAC to speak formally to the international community. It won much applause from the audience and strengthened Taiwan’s position in the Asia-Pacific region.

This forum lasted for three days (31 March-2 April). In addition to Fei’s presentation, TIAC, fully supported by the Taoyuan County Government, also demonstrated information on TTIA Terminal 3 project, which is being executed in full swing.

TIAC follows the global trend and is dedicated to developing this airport into a Green one. In the future, in the MFB that connects T2 and T3 there will be commercial facilities, hotels, restaurants, and Made-in-Taiwan (MIT) products which introduce the best of Taiwan to the world.