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TIAC Recruits Employees in 2013


TIAC commissioned Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF) to arrange an examination for the recruit of 62 employees and 118 in the waiting list in four categories: operation management, airside management, engineering, and executive management. The exam registration begins on Monday 23 September and ends on Wednesday 2 October 2013. The written exam will be held on Saturday 12 October, and oral on Sunday 3 November 2013.

The examination information is listed on the websites of TIAC and TABF, where the brochure, not for sale, can be downloaded and printed.

Since its transformation into a corporation, TIAC bears the mission of becoming a hub in East Asia and an engine that boosts the economic growth of this region; therefore its dedication to the creation of quality infrastructure and the elevation of the service standard. In the 2012 ACI/ASQ survey, TTIA ranked 3rd in the category of airports with passenger volume between 15 to 20 million. The efforts of TIAC have begun to pay off.

TIAC’s ‘Terminal 3 Area Project’, divided into stages of planning, design, and construction and executed according to the ‘Taoyuan Aerotropolis Plan’ approved by the Executive Yuan, is the single biggest public building project since Taiwan’s 10 major constructions. Currently under planning by the General Consultancy, the Terminal 3 Area Project, once completed, will serve passengers in the couple of decades to come. This project, both in aspects of engineering or operation management, offers future employees a rare opportunity for working with the international team, and absorbing professional airport management and engineering knowledge.

TIAC holds core values of safety, integrity, discipline, innovation, and passion to assemble an efficient and quality team for the creation of a first-rate international airport. We welcome people who share these values, target, and missions to register the 2013 examination and to unfold a new career in the airport.