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The Coming New TTIA Corporation Identification System


In July 2013 TIAC commissioned Era Ogilvy Public Relations to design its corporate identification system (CIS) that begins from the brand strategy and CIS profession. The project is aimed to be completed in the end of October, when there will be a completely new TTIA brand and image.

Since its transformation into a corporation on 1 November 2010, TIAC has completed the T1 renovation, kept running the runway overhaul project, and unfolded the one of T3 area construction. In terms of service, much improvement has also been achieved, including the opening of food courts which offer international cuisines of reasonable price, the creation of thematic boarding gates, and the establishment of Taiwanese souvenir area. These improvements, including the increase of customer satisfaction, necessitate TIAC to launch a CIS that can rally employees’ solidarity and maintain its international competitiveness.

The bidding winner Era Ogilvy Public Relations has designed CIS for companies or organizations of FET, First Commercial Bank, Taiwan High Speed Rail, Don Award, and FE21. At the initial stage of the project Ogilvy will interview senior members of TIAC, consumers, and people of influence to define the characteristics, advantages, challenges, and future development of the TTIA brand. The finalized CIS will be applied to the TIAC’s marketing materials, souvenirs, name card, permit, and documents. Via the design of a new CIS, TIAC will integrate elements of the brand to present a new image of the national façade.