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Taoyuan International Airport Corporation wins title of most profitable enterprise among Taiwan’s top 100 service providers


In 2020, the latest survey results of the 2000 Commonwealth Magazine revealed that Taoyuan International Airport Corporation (TIAC), with its excellent team management strength, won first place in the category of most profitable enterprise among the top 100 service providers across the nation. With a net profit after tax outranking all members of the transportation industry, land, sea and air, the company exhibited its most dazzling results across all operating performances within the past 10 years.

Lin Hsiang-sheng, President & CEO of TIAC, stated that Taoyuan Airport had nearly 48.69 million passengers and 265,000 flights in the last year (2019), both of which set a record high. Both aviation and non-aeronautical revenues have grown compared to the past, with annual revenue reaching NT$23.5 billion, an increase of 7.8% over the previous year. The company not only ranked 73rd among the top 100 service providers in the country, but also ranked first in terms of profitability. With a net profit after tax of NT$8.078 billion, an increase of 11.2% from the previous year, TIAC also outranked all land, sea and air transportation services. Lin Hsiang-sheng pointed out that the outstanding performance of Taoyuan Airport last year was the result of not only the concerted efforts of all TIAC colleagues but also the dedication of more than 200 government and corporate stationed units in the terminal. Therefore, it is the common glory of the entire Taoyuan Airport Service Alliance.

Taoyuan International Airport has undergone extensive field expansion and equipment replacement. In 2019, it not only unveiled the North-South expansion area of Terminal 2, increased its annual passenger capacity by 5 million, introduced the Taiwan Temple Avenue and Northern Sky Town, and opened the aircraft observation deck with the best views in Taiwan, greatly increasing the richness of commercial services and making the airport more beautiful and more fun. In addition, Taoyuan Airport has also introduced a one-stop smart luggage service from home delivery to home collection. With multiple smart services such as the Internet, mobile phone, and kiosk check-in services, plus a self-service luggage check-in system synchronized with the airport MRT, and automatic customs clearance e-GATE, passengers enjoy more convenience and flexibility, enabling Taoyuan Airport to gradually transform into a smart airport.

In addition to its profitability, Taoyuan Airport is also an indisputable leader among the top 100 service providers in the country, having just recently received the green airport platinum certification and water management award. It also came in at third place among airports servicing 40-50 million passengers in the world as evaluated by Skytrax. At this moment time, as the world remains deeply affected by the epidemic, TIAC has seized the opportunity of the sudden decrease in passenger volume to completely close the north runway for paving, and actively carried out various optimization projects on the ground, hoping to resume services of the highest quality within an optimized environment and welcome passengers from all over the world returning to the airport after the epidemic subsides, so that all passengers and visitors to the airport can experience Taoyuan’s world-class caring service.

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Tsao Ming-feng, Finance Department