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US luxury travel magazine ranked Taoyuan International Airport fourth among the world’s best transit airports

D4 Departure Lounge - Huadong Adventures (A)

D4 Departure Lounge - Huadong Adventures (A)

Mind Garden - Airport Library

Mind Garden - Airport Library

D4 Departure Lounge - Huadong Adventures (A)
Mind Garden - Airport Library

US luxury travel magazine Global Traveler announced the winners of the 2020 "Leisure Lifestyle Award". Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport ranked fourth among the world's best transit airports, second only to Singapore’s Changi Airport in the Asia-Pacific region. Through exquisite and friendly transfer planning, rich, interesting and localized departure-themed lounge design, tightly-scheduled and compact transfer route arrangements, cordial and honorable VIP room services, a 98% transfer passenger satisfaction rate with service quality as evaluated by the International Airport Association evaluates transfer passengers, and location as an important hub within 3 hours of average flight from major cities in Asia, Taoyuan Airport enjoys the acclaim of luxury magazine readers in the US market.

Lin Hsiang-sheng, President & CEO of Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, pointed out that the most difficult part of this award is that the survey is open-ended. The organizer has no way to remind or influence the answering results; therefore, an airport must be extremely memorable for the respondents to have a chance to be on the list. Taoyuan Airport has always been known for its attentive service. All public entities and private enterprises of the airport service alliance must have left passengers with a very good impression in the transit process; therefore, this honor belongs to all the working partners of the airport service alliance.

The survey period for the 2020 "Global Traveler" Leisure Lifestyle Award was from October 1, 2019 to January 31, 2020. More than 50 top tourists’ favorites were voted, including cruise ships, holiday islands, ski resorts, best beaches, luxury hotel groups and other categories. All questions were open-ended with no restrictions on what the answers may be, but more than 50% of questions had to be completed for the questionnaire to be a valid sample. The top five best transit airports in the world (Best Airport for Layovers) are Miami International Airport, Singapore Changi Airport, Hamad International Airport of Qatar, Taoyuan International Airport in Taiwan and Munich International Airport in Germany.

Nearly 300,000 readers subscribe to "Global Traveler". The average net asset of readers is as high as US$2 million. Among them, 50% are CEOs and business owners, and 93% of readers regularly travel internationally. Taoyuan International Airport has had the rare honor of winning the Reader Survey Award announced by the magazine at the end of 2019, third best airport in Asia, and third best airport for duty-free shopping in Asia.

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Director Hsu Chia-jui, Corporate Development Department