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TIAC and BCIA Signed Human Resources MOU


In the afternoon of 18 June TIAC and BCIA signed the sisterairport human resources exchange and cooperation MOU. Samuel Lin, President and CEO of TIAC, and Guang-hui Chang, President and CEO of BCIA, signed the paper together.

This MOU was arranged according to the third item of the second article concerning employee training in the sister airport MOU signed on 19 September 2011. The agreement enables TTIA to learn from BCIA, a benchmark in the industry, and also to elevate its operation energy via the exchange of human resources between the two airports.

TTIA’s 2012 passenger volume reached 27.84 million, a record high since its operation in 1979. After governments on both sides of the Strait signed the Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) in 2009, new flight destinations and routes of TTIA kept increasing, boosting its cross-strait movements in 2012 to 41,362, a 30% increase in comparison with the number of the previous year; the total movements of TTIA reached 180,761, another historical record since its operation.

In the future TTIA will invest NTD 294 billion in the construction of aviation and non-aviation facilities in the airport park, and gradually carry out projects of T1 and T2 renovation, T3 area development, the third runway, and airport MRT according to the Taoyuan Aerotropolis Plan. At this key moment, the cooperation and exchange of human resources between the two airports invigorate TTIA for its future development.