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Yingge-System-Interchange of Freeway No.2 and No.3 Southbound Ramp Traffic Closure ,Mar.24 night


Traffic Control Date: March 24, 2011.
District: Taoyuan County
Contact: Bade Construction Affairs Branch of the Widening Construction Office
Phone: (03)2184972 Fax: (03)2181426
For immediate Release

Yingge-System-Interchange of Freeway No.2 and No.3 Southbound Ramp Traffic Closure

Widening Construction Office-Beginning at 22 p.m. on Thursday night, March 24 to 6 a.m. on Friday morning, March 25, the Freeway Construction Office plans a closure of the southbound ramp of the Yingge-System-Interchange. The ramp which serves as a link the Freeway No.2 southbound to Freeway No.3 will be closed for around 8 hours to enable the widening bridge erection night work.

The following detours will be in effect during the night works: For traffic travelling on Freeway No.2 eastbound across the Yingge-System-Interchange southbound to Freeway No.3:

  • Take the northbound ramp on the Yingge-System-Interchange first
  • Take Freeway No.3 northbound to the Sanying-Interchange (sta.50k)
  • Exit the Sanying-Interchange to Fuxing Rd.
  • Make Fuxing Rd. westbound to the southbound entrance ramp of the Freeway No.3

For traffic travelling on Freeway No.1 with a destination of the areas around Daxi, Longtan and Guanxi township:

  • Still take Freeway No.1 southbound to the Pingzhen-System-Interchange (sta.65k)
  • Exit the Pingzhen-System-Interchange eastbound ramp
  • Take the Expressway No.66 eastbound to the Daxi-Interchange.
  • Take the Daxi-Interchange southbound ramp to Freeway No.3
  • Take Freeway No.3 southbound to Daxi, Longtan and Guanxi townships

The travelers are also recommended to be aware of and be familiar with aforementioned alternate routes. All the necessary message signs indicate the detour will be placed throughout the detour routes ahead. Follow up those signs and slow down your speed would improve a safe trip.
For more information regarding this restrain, the public may dial 168 and 1968 for the updated news. Or visit the website at http://www.freeway.gov.tw
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