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2011.1.28 23:00~2011.1.29. 06:00 Freeway No.2 Eastbound Traffic Closed


Construction Date: Friday, January 28, 2011
District: Taoyuan County
Contact: Dazhu Construction Affairs Branch, The Widening Construction Office
Phone: (03)3816635
Fax: (03)3817439

Freeway No.2 Eastbound Traffic Closed

Widening Construction Office said that an over-pass frame erection night work will cause the Freeway No.2 traffic eastbound traffic closed. The traffic closure section is between the Dazhu Interchange(sta.5k)and the Airport System Interchange(sta.8k)on the Freeway No.2. The night work will commence at 23:00 pm on Friday night, January 28,2011, and schedule to finish at 6:00 am in the morning of January 29, 2011.

Traffic control & detour suggestion: Motorist on the Freeway No.2 eastbound for connecting the northbound and southbound Freeway No.1:
1、 For northbound motorists, please exit at the Dazhu Interchange (sta.5k) on the Freeway No.2, and make a detour on the local Highway No.31 and the Highway No.4, then on-ramp at the Taoyuan Interchange(sta.49k)of the Freeway No.1.
2、 For southbound motorists, please also exit at the Dazhu Interchange (sta.5k) on the Freeway No.2, and make a detour on the local Highway No.31 and the Route No.110, then on-ramp at the Neili Interchange(sta.57k)of the Freeway No.1.
Motorists eastbound for the Freeway No.3 may follow the suggestion above to avoid the cone zone and make the detour.
We will set the work zone before the Dazhu Interchange (sta.5k) and we also expect minimal traffic delays during the midnight due to the construction. The motorists are also expected to be aware of and be familiar with the detour. Follow the road side traffic signs, slow down your speed, watch for workers and drive caution and be patient. Widening Construction Office would like to thank motorists for their co-operation.
For more information regarding this news, the public may dial 168 and 1968 directly. Motorists who can visit on the website http://www.freeway.gov.tw are also welcome, and the construction information is also regularly updated on that website.
We are there to work out the integrated service for you.