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2011.1.25. Freeway No.2 Dayuan Interchange West-bound New Exit


Construction Date: Tuesday, January 25, 2011
District: Taoyuan County
Contact: The Widening Construction Office, Dajhu Construction Affairs Branch, TANFB
Phone: (03)3816635
Fax: (03)3817439

Freeway No.2 Dayuan Interchange West-bound New Exit Off-ramp Open Widening Construction Office-The original westbound exit ramp of the Dayuan-Interchange of National Freeway No.2, located at the station 0K+950、1k+000 will be both changed to the new position. The new exit off-ramp at the sta. 1k+670 is the unitary exit will be opened for traffic at 22:00 on Tuesday night, January 25, 2011. Motorists are westbound for Dayuan and Pusin area please keep on driving to the right lane when reach the sta. 1k+670 then leave the Freeway No.2 safely.

Because there will be construction next to the freeway ramps, please drive cautiously around the construction site to maintain the safety of you, your passengers, other cars and the construction workers. Follow the road side traffic sign and slow down your speed, you will get your way safely.

Widening Construction Office would like to thank motorists in advance for their co-operation.

For more information regarding this news, the public may dial 168 and 1968 for the updates news. Or call the hotline at 02-29096141 for passenger service. Motorists who can visit on the website http://www.freeway.gov.tw are also welcome, and the construction information is also regularly updated on that website.

We are there to work out the integrated service for you.