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Taoyuan Airport forms a passenger service vehicle fleet to boost service quality


There are over 100,000 arrivals and departures at Taoyuan International Airport every day. In view of the needs of some seniors and people with disabilities and to improve service quality, the airport introduced in all terminals since December 2012 the free passenger service vehicles (PSVs) which have served 130,000 travelers so far. Recently, the airport has expanded the scale of service to increase the team to eight vehicles to enrich service energy to serve more travelers.

The new PSV fleet formed in November includes eight new six-seater electric cars with exclusive drivers to provide travelers with relevant assistance. Apart from delivering seniors, people with disabilities, people in a rush, people who need to walk a long way, and people heading to the airport medical center, the PSV fleet provides service for those who go to the wrong gate and are afraid of missing their flight.

The PSV fleet service covers major traveler access in the airport restricted areas, including four locations: the exit at the immigration clearance on the 3rd and the arrival hallway south of the 2nd floor of Terminal 1 and the south and north departure hallways on the 3rd floor and the south and north arrival hallways on the 2nd floor of Terminal 2. Each location is equipped with two PSVs to take care of arrival and departure travelers with disabilities during 07:00-22:00. In addition, the PSV service will extend during typhoon days to take travelers to the correct lounge.

With the concerted efforts of all employees, Taoyuan International Airport won the Best Airport Staff Service in the world and in Asia from Skytrax known as the Oscar of the aviation business. The PSV service is one of the many services with the most praises and appreciations from travelers. In their letters of appreciation, many claim that PSV is a paid service in other airports, and only Taoyuan International Airport offers free PSV service, which is a total expression of Taiwan people’s generosity.

According to Taoyuan Airport Corporation statistics, 13,531 travelers subscribed to the PSV service in 2013, the number increased to 70,181 travelers in 2014, and between January and November 2015, 59,650 travelers subscribed the service. Since the service was launched in 2012, it has served about 130,000 travelers. After the establishment of the new PSV fleet, Taoyuan Airport Corporation expects that more travelers will enjoy this thoughtful service that can improve the airport’s overall service quality.