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Protecting Passenger Lives with AED


There are over 100,000 arrivals and departures at Taoyuan International Airport every day. Because the number of first-aid cases has been increasing for health reasons in recent years, the Taoyuan Airport Corporation thus equipped the place with a total of 63 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in terminals 1 and 2. In addition, the Taoyuan Fire Department and Taiwan Landseed Hospital began arranging CPR and AED training for aviation, ground service, security personnel, DFS, restaurant, and CIQS personnel in 2011 to enhance their first aid skills and provide travelers with more protection.

By extensively equipping AEDs in the airport and reinforcing relevant training, and with the full cooperation of frontline personnel to demonstrate the function of the “Emergency Medical Service SOP”, we have successfully saved the life of two coma travelers by timely sending them for medical attention over the past two years. In May 2015, a traveler fainted in lounge C4 with his face turning dark. He was saved by airline and ground service personnel, firefighters and paramedics with AED and CPR. This December 5, a departing traveler went into a coma and lost his breath and heartbeat due to a myocardial infarction when he was shopping around the DFS in Terminal 2. After receiving a report from local security guards, OCC personnel, firefighters and paramedics from Taiwan Landseed Hospital headed to the scene. With the intervention of AED and CPR and administration of adrenaline, that traveler regained his breath and heartbeat and his life was saved after an emergency percutaneous coronary intervention at the Min-Sheng General Hospital.

The human brain will be damaged and permanent injuries will be caused without oxygen for three minutes and more. Therefore, Taoyuan Airport Corporation extensive AED equipment in the airport to save lives in emergencies. When an accident occurs, frontline personnel can access an AED by walking for only about 3-5 minutes. In addition to the 63 AEDs inside terminals, the medical center of Taiwan Landseed Hospital in Terminal 2 and all TYFD ambulances are equipped with AEDs.

In 2017, the airport has planned 39 CPR and AED education and training activities. It is estimated that about 2,000 personnel of relevant airport units will receive primary and recurrent first aid training to ensure correct AED usage and get familiar with CPR skills in order to save lives for travelers when there is an accident.