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Smart luggage lockers for thoughtful baggage storage at Taoyuan International Airport.


“I want to shop at nearby outlets, how can I drop my baggage?” As the number of travelers increases, more and more travelers are expecting “baggage storage” service from the airport. Taoyuan International Airport thus introduced four sets of smart luggage lockers in terminals 1 and 2 to address travelers’ needs. There are 88 slots with three capacity options with a storage fees of NT$40, NT$60, and NT$80 every three hours, and travelers can store their baggage for up to three days. After the trial operation this August 15, the occupancy was about 40%. Travelers can shop without carrying baggage and pay for the locker fee with cash or the EasyCard and pick up their baggage and check in when time is up.

Most travelers store baggage, cartons of souvenirs, and bicycles that are difficult to carry everywhere. In the past, travelers must store baggage at the airline check-in counter with service times at 06:00-23:30 charged on a daily basis. However, airlines did not provide overnight storage services and the fee is not flexible. After careful assessment of the average baggage storage time of travelers, the airport decided on three hours as one unit. This smart luggage locker service with 24-hour service is a total solution for overnight storage and flexible payment.

Security is the main concern in all airports. Therefore, we equipped the smart luggage lockers with a clear window to partly check the storage contents and partly ensure 24-hour surveillance. In addition, we send staff to patrol these lockers from time to time and post warning sign to warn travelers not to store flammable, explosive or corrosive objects and dangerous items such as knives, guns and swords in these lockers to ensure airport security.

These four sets of smart luggage lockers are located next to check-in counter 1 in the departure hall of Terminal 1 and across from the Pelican counter in the hallway south of the first floor. In Terminal 2, they are located next to the post office north of the arrival hall and across from the Pelican counter in the south. Lockers provide interfaces in four languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, English, and Japanese. In the future, Taoyuan International Airport will timely increase the number of smart luggage lockers based on travelers’ needs to improve service quality and fulfill customer demands.