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Terminal 3 Area Project Passed the Review of the National Development Council, Executive Yuan


On 26 January TIAC’s Terminal 3 Area Construction Project passed the review of the National Development Council and will be approved by the Executive Yuan as a major construction project. TIAC will begin the international tender for detail design in late May 2015 to unfold the following construction work.

David Fei, TIAC CEO, expressed the urgency of constructing T3 thanks to the growing annual passenger volume which has exceeded 35 million in 2014 and severely tested the operation capacities of the existing two terminals. The Terminal 3 Area Project, as Taiwan’s most important construction project and also the flagship of Taoyuan Aerotropolis Plan, will include a new terminal building, concourses, multi-functional building (MFB), energy center, and aprons on the south, north, and west of the new terminal. The total development area covers 72 hectares.

Concepts of smart and green airport will be brought in to make T3 a smart & green terminal, which, carrying the fusion of cultural and artistic atmosphere, is expected to become a new landmark of Taiwan that gives passengers new sensations. T3 will not only be a transportation center but also a place that offers entertainment and leisure facilities to visitors. It will also become a window that displays MIT excellence products and a center which, by offering hotel, conference, and shopping services, attracts flows of global passengers, products, and money to foster the economic development of Taoyuan Aerotropolis. This terminal will be the key that makes TTIA on par with BCIA, Changi, and HKIA.

According to T3 development schedule, the tender of detail design will begin in May this year, to be followed by the preliminary work of WC taxiway’s relocation to the west. The construction of MFB will begin in 2016. After completion of the T3 area in 2020, T3’s annual operation capacity, 45 million passengers, will elevate TTIA’s total to 77 million, making it a hub airport in East Asia.

TIAC is grateful for the efforts and efficiency of the National Development Council and related Ministries, which treated this project as the first priority and helped TAIC push it through. This project will quicken the development of industries in the Taoyuan Aerotropolis and also elevate Taiwan’s economy. TIAC is confident that its completion will give Taiwan a new landmark that makes its citizens proud.