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Competitiveness through Safety, Service and Satisfaction

The desire to surpass previous achievements begins with the heart. Reinventing itself through innovation, TTIA has put people at the center as it focuses on improving the three ‘S’s at the heart of the aviation industry: safety, service and satisfaction. More than merely rising to the challenge of existing benchmarks, TTIA is marching on a road toward excellence.

Safety: Ensuring the safety of every take-off and landing will always be the airport’s first priority. Indeed, Skytrax, a UK-based aviation research organization, has rated TTIA as the Top2 in 2012 Best Airport Security Screening. This achievement has raised TTIA’s profile and bolstered its image.

Service: TTIA is focused on improving every aspect of its service. TTIA treats users’ suggestions as the most precious of gifts. The concept of putting customers first has completely rooted itself into the corporate culture. Via a constant cycle of improvement, TTIA has spared no effort to raise its service quality.

Satisfaction: Bringing satisfaction to all users is how we find value in our work. Being observant of and attentive to travelers, we are always looking to preemptively meet their needs. The excellent and comprehensive functionalities of the airport are demonstrated by its waiting areas, amenities, and software, as well as by its dining services. These efforts have earned praise from all quarters, and travelers have shown an increasing willingness to spend their dollars at the airport, which has raised revenues.