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The Transformation of TTIA Brings New Momentum

With an average flight time of only 175 minutes to Asia’s five largest airports, TTIA is the aviation hub of East Asia. For 33 years it has played the leading role for air transport in Taiwan, serving as a gateway to the nation and a window to the charms of Chinese culture.

The value of an airport comes from its capacity to meet passengers’ needs. In order to provide a more comfortable experience for passengers, including transfers, in 2013 Taoyuan International Airport Corporation completed the project of Terminal 1 reconstruction, adding 13,000 square feet space for the terminal; moreover, the capacity of the terminal increases 15 million volume annually. This renovation project successfully blends the old and new, both preserving a glorious legacy and formulating a new image of modernity. International visitors, as soon as they step into TTIA, will sense the new future, new prospects, and new magnitude of the airport as a direct result of its inside-out transformation and outside-in rebirth.