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Given its vastness, a central control system is installed at the heart of the airport to provide flight information, operation and monitoring of various facilities in the terminals, incident management and reporting. In addition, it is connected to the aviation police to form a tight security system to ensure the safety of passengers and facilities.

Security management of the Taoyuan International Airport is under the authority of the Aviation Police Office, which is responsible for implementing and supervising the security of civil aviation in the airport and preventing illegal interferences.

In accordance to National Civil Aviation Security Program Chapter 4 Section 5 Article 4, the Aviation Police Office shall formulate the Regulation of Incorporating Airport Security Commission (ASC) and invite related agencies to incorporate Airport Security Commission (ASC).

It is also responsible for ASC operations and formulating the Taiwan Taoyuan Airport Security Program. It is responsible for the safety, discipline and efficiency of the airport's civil aeronautical transportation, maintaining the safety of aircraft operators, airport operation units, air navigation facilities and their staff, and passengers by preventing ground and air incidents and illegal interferences through its aviation security provisions, regulations, procedures and emergency response plan.