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Dreams Come True - The Aerotropolis Soars on Far Glory

Focusing on the development in Asia-Pacific area, Taiwan Government is committed to planning Taoyuan International Airport by developing the flagship project, Taoyuan Aerotropolis, which will create synergy between Airport and Industries. This project is aimed to cope with the fiercer competition globally and become the major engine to drive the regional economic development.

Located in the hub of Asia-Pacific area, Taiwan boasts of average 4-hour flight to major cities in North East and South East Asia. Further to the cross-straits direct flight services, more frequent flights of passengers and cargo and more mature air service market has made Taiwan a gateway to China’s market.

Taoyuan Airport has intensive flight network of passengers and cargo, with sufficient delivery capacity of cargo fleet. Streamlined operation model has also made Taoyuan Airport an efficient destination for global cargo transfer.

Taoyuan Airport , a key engine of Taoyuan Aerotropolis project, is jointly developing dual port operation with Taipei Port. With the Free Economic Pilot Zone proposed by National Development Council, Taoyuan Airport will act as the front shop, with factory in the surrounding industry zone (Front Shop-Back Factory model), and become the Gateway to Taiwan and to Asia.