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The Taoyuan International Airport has successfully transformed from a government agency into a State-owned corporation, and many major constructions are also underway. Upon this foundation, several key policies and tasks are reiterated for the future.

Becoming an East Asia Hub Airport

Taiwan is strategically situated in the Asia-Pacific region. In response to the booming international aviation market and demands in recent years, many neighboring countries have been robustly built. It goes without saying that Taoyuan International Airport is not excluded from this competition. Currently, numerous major constructions are being launched to provide excellent and convenient transit services to attract more domestic and foreign business travelers and tourists, and make it into an international transit airport. In 2011, the Taoyuan International Airport serviced 24.94 million passengers, 1.627 million tons of freight, 95 international destinations including 41 Mainland cities, a total of 60 airline companies, and a daily average of 450 flights. To achieve our transit goal, more effort must be invested into tasks such as opening new air routes, increasing new destinations and obtaining air traffic rights.

Active Involvement in International and Cross-Straits Exchanges and Talks

To achieve the above goals, Taoyuan International Airport must step out and become actively involved in international and cross-straits exchanges and talks to learn from model airports, market itself and endeavor to acquire tangible interests such as new air routes, new destinations and air traffic rights.

Coordinate Central Government Agency and Local Resources

The development of the future aerotropolis depends on the investment of relevant Central Government Agency and local resources. At the very least, for the project to proceed smoothly, resources from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of the Interior, the Council of Agriculture and the Taoyuan County Government must be coordinated in terms of division of labor and cooperation in industrial development, logistics, land acquisition, planning and agricultural production and sales, respectively. Therefore the Airport Corporation must first plan carefully to maximally discharge the strength of the team.

Close Cooperation With Airport Government Agencies and Businesses

Many government agencies, such as the Aviation Police Office, the National Immigration Agency, the Taipei Customs Office, the Quarantine Bureau and the Tourism Bureau, airlines and tax-exempt businesses reside within the airport. It is only through mutual adequate communication and close cooperation that Taoyuan International Airport can improve its safety, service quality and competitiveness, and subsequently improve its ASQ rating by the ACI.

Implement 5 Core Values and Improve Employee Competency

Integrity, security, discipline, innovation and enthusiasm are the 5 core values of the Airport Corporation, and are also the cornerstone for the company's sustainable development. Our colleagues must remember that only by realizing these values in their daily life and work can job efficiency and overall image be improved.

In addition, all efforts should be invested to advance both major projects that are underway or in the planning. The Taoyuan Airport Corporation will coordinate various government and private agencies. Together as a team, we endeavor to maximize the superior geographical location of Taoyuan International Airport, increase its service quality and efficiency, and strengthen its competitive power, and achieve President Ma's proclamation of an aerotropolis and vision of a golden decade, making Taoyuan International Airport once again the pride of the people.