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Basic Information

Taoyuan Airport in Brief.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is located in the Taoyuan City, approximately 40 kilometers or about 50 minutes by car or bus from downtown Taipei. Taiwan Taoyuan Airport welcomes all passengers to use and enjoy services and facilities in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.


Basic information for Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Terminal I Opened: February 26, 1979
Terminal II Opened: July 29, 2000
Total Area: 1173 Hectares
Elevation: 33 meters above sea level
Traffic: About 40 minutes by car or bus from downtown Taipei
Address of Terminal I: No.15, Hangzhan S. Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33758, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  
Address of Terminal II: No.9, Hangzhan S. Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 33758, Taiwan (R.O.C.)  
Voice system: Service Line: T1 +886-3-273-5081  
T2 +886-3-273-5086  
North Runways (05L/23R): CAT II,3,660 m X 60 m
South Runways (05R/23L): CAT II 3,800m X 60 m
Taxiways: 16 Paths along the north runway
21 Paths along the south runway
2 interconnecting paths between north and south total 39  
Aprons: 1.Passenger Apron:38 positions  
2.Cargo Aprons:25 positions  
3.Remote Aprons:23 positions  
4.Maintenance Aprons:30 positions  
Boarding Gates: 1.Terminal I, A Apron Boarding Gates:9  
2.Terminal I, B Apron Boarding Gates:9  
3.Terminal II, C Apron Boarding Gates:10  
4.Terminal II, D Apron Boarding Gates:10  
Cargo terminal: Number: 4  
Total area: 41.6 hectares  
Annual capacity: approximately 2.9 million mt