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Air Repair

Aircraft Maintenance Plant

Quantity:2 areas
Total Surface Area:85,209 m²
Engine Repair Plant:2 plants
Engine test cells: 1

Aircraft Maintenance Plant
Air Traffic Control System Equipment
  1. Terminal Air Traffic Control Automated System
  2. Terminal Radar System
  3. Weather Radar System
  4. Instrument Landing System
  5. VHF omnidirectional radio range (VOR)
  6. Communications Equipment
  7. Automated Meteorological Observing System
  8. Airfield Lighting Systems to assist in the normal operation of ground and navigation facilities, and used in installations, operations and maintenance to ensure flight safety.

For detailed information, please refer to The Air Navigation and Weather Services (ANWS).

Existing Equipment for Air Traffic Control System Equipment
Aviation Fuel Service System
Current fuel facilities
  • Fuel Tanks:
    4 storage tanks of capacity: 6,000 kiloliters each,total 24,000 kiloliter.
    4 storage tanks of capacity: 8,000 kiloliters each,total 32,000 kiloliter; Total storage capacity: 56,000 kiloliter.
  • Fuel Pipelines: 20,900 meters.
  • Aircraft Fuel Hydrants: 174 hydrants and 1 fully automated fueling system
Aviation Fuel Service System
Aviation Logistical Ground Support

Operators: 2,315 persons
Operating Tools:
Powered Utility Vehicles: 653
Non-powered Equipment: 2,588 units

Aviation Logistical Ground Support
Aviation Catering Service
China Pacific Catering Services
China Pacific Catering Services
  • Introduction: Backed by investment from China Airlines and the Swire Group, the China Pacific Catering Services is currently Taiwan's largest aviation catering service providing excellent food and beverage services. Since its operations in 1996, it now handles meal services for many renowned airlines, serving about 600 flights and an average of 150,000 inflight meals per week.
  • Address: No.22, Ln. 156, Sec. 2, Haishan Rd., Luzhu Township, Taoyuan County
  • Service Telephone: (03)-3541000
Evergreen Sky Catering
Evergreen Sky Catering
  • Introduction: Evergreen Sky Catering Corporation was established on October 20, 1993. Located near the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Taoyuan County, it extends over an area of 16,000 m2. The plant, which officially began operation in February 1997, occupies an area of 30,600 m2.
  • Business Hours: 08:00~4:30 (year round)
  • Address: No.63, Sec. 4, Changxing Rd., Luzhu Township
  • Service Telephone: (03)351-3333