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Safety is the first priority in transportation. It is also the superior heritage of Taoyuan International Airport where flight safety is never compromised. Only by being consistently rigorous and cautious can the safety of every passenger be ensured. Taking into consideration every possible contingency, Taoyuan International Airport is fully ready to safeguard the environment. The compounding disasters resulting from Japan's 311 Earthquake has become a lesson for Taoyuan International Airport. A combination of air disaster and radiation disaster drills, and earthquake emergency response allows preparation for the worst case scenario and the dedicated installation of the most comprehensive security network.

Behind the stage is where Taoyuan International Airport devotes much dedication and determination, as evidenced by winning a world class safety award for aircraft refueling, the strengthening of its flight safety education and its expansion efforts. To implement airport security services, all airport personnel must comply with all security regulations to ensure the safety of all airport passengers and facilities.