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About the Environment, Air Logistics, Fire and Rescue

Currently the fire department has 143 personnel, and is equipped with eight 3000-gallon capacity and two 1,500-gallon capacity Foam Fire Trucks, two 5,000 gallon capacity reservoir tanker trucks, one 45-meter aerial ladder fire truck, two sets of 747-400 model aircraft harness, one set of air jacks, one tow truck, and various rescue equipment, two ambulances, one large capacity ambulance , one paramedic ambulance and many emergency medical rescue equipment to support the medical teams in various rescue operations.


The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) classified Taoyuan International Airport as a Class 10 airport for total fire fighting capability (which exceeded the ICAO standard by 2.5 times). The airport fire trucks can arrive at the aircraft scene within 3 minutes to begin fire fighting and rescue operation, and thus fulfill ICAO regulations.