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Corporate Social Responsibility
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Employees and Community Care

Employees and Community Care

TIAC believes in caring, understanding and supporting the needs of our employees; we are devoted to creating a friendly workplace and providing better work environment, benefits and salaries, which helps enhance employees' sense of identity and allows them to carry out their job functions under a healthy mental and physical condition, be more productive and creative, thus achieving a mutually beneficial situation.

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Material Topic:Labor Relations

Five Core Function Models

The employee value proposition set out by TIAC emphasizing the "building of individual employee successes to realize a mutually beneficial result" for the express purposes of achieving the ideal workplace and competitive environment. Proposed talent asset strategies and the Corporation's unique five core function models allow TIAC colleagues to continually improve and enhance their personal competitiveness, which in turn brings benefits for TTIA.

Five Core Function Models

Human resource management activities

Safe and Healthy Workplace

The President & CEO serves as the Committee chair and oversees meeting affairs, while Committee members are composed of managers from relevant offices, union representatives, occupational health and safety personnel, and medical personnel. Among them, union representatives account for one-third of Committee members, who represent the employees to participate in reviewing, coordinating, and recommending occupational health and safety matters. The Occupational Health and Safety Committee convenes once every quarter, and held 4 meetings in 2020.

To ensure comprehensive protection of the health and safety of our colleagues and collaborating partners, TIAC has established an occupational health and safety management system. TIAC obtained both Taiwan Occupational Safety and Health Management System (CNS 45001:2018) certification and International Occupational Safety and Health Management System (ISO 45001:2018) in 2019 and had passed the second inspection to ensure the management mechanism operates effectively. To prevent the employee from any physical or mental violence that causes diseases when engaged in work, the President & CEO has signed "declaration of workplace violence prevention" in 2020

Gender equality

Gender equality promotion plans are issued annually by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. TIAC adheres to these when implements relevant procedures including statistical surveys and training based around annual targets. A Gender Equality Work Group (and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Complaint Appraisal Committee) composed of two external experts and scholars convene three work group meetings quarterly in 2020. Gender equality procedures are implemented in accordance with the 15 stipulated items and 4 recommended items in the "Self-Assessment Checklist for Adherence with the Act of Gender Equality in Employment."

Gender equality

Talent Cultivation

TIAC adopted a personnel training policy called the "LIST", "Learning" is a corporate culture of continued learning, "Innovation" is development of new ideas and innovative services for work, "Service" is continue to provide quality services, Team". TIAC invested 14.5 million NTD in the training sessions in 2020 with a total of 13,634 participants and 40,540 training hours.

eHRD Cloud Platform
"Seeking innovation and effectively utilizing smart technology" is one of the missions of TIAC, which will continue to promote the eHRD platform. We hope that digital technology can assist staff members in personal management and learning, and help executives get a better grasp on personnel information. The platform also help achieve the objective of shaping a corporate organization capable of learning. This will facilitate comprehensive establishment of talent training programs that continuously improve staff capabilities, thereby greatly improving the quality of staff members and overall competitiveness.
eHRD Cloud Platform
Professional Dynametric Programs, Managerial Assessment of Proficiency
TIAC provides a variety of services. As we have a diverse team of employees, and need talents with appropriate specialty and features on safety, administrative, operation, aviation operation and the engineering background, it is necessary to utilize the tool of behavioral science for helping employees explore their characteristics and advantages. They can thus make full of their talents at work, help managers have a better understanding about the employees, provide timely guidance and training to the employees and make the best work allocation.
Employee Salaries and Benefits

For the implementation of performance management systems that strengthen the bond between work performance and personal development, all staff members are required to undergo the biannual regular assessments and year-end reviews that constitute the regular performance assessments. Evaluations of staff members are duly provided by executives within TIAC based on four aspects: work, integrity, knowledge, and skills. Executives are fully encouraged by TIAC to discuss performance with staff members and assist them in setting future career objectives. Assessment results are used as a reference for performance bonuses, promotions, and talent development initiatives. Standard salaries for entry-level staff were 1.16 times that of local minimum wage in 2020, indicating the fact that TIAC does not discriminate for any reason, including gender, race, skin color, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, blood type, or star sign. Average male to female salary ratios at all levels were also close to 1:1.

To provide a comprehensive workplace, the Corporation pays attention to employee benefits. TIAC provided a total of NTD 17.37 million in employee welfare funds in 2020. Employee Welfare Committee is responsible for a variety of benefits and recreation activities, providing benefit subsidies, group accident insurance, children's scholarship, etc. to ensure a safe work and living environment, create a workplace that can cultivate and retain talents and will continue to create a happier workplace.

Employee Salaries and Benefits

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
Initiated in 2015, TIAC began promoting the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and has since moved into the development phase. It collaborates with external professional EAP institution "New mind EAP Consultation Co., Ltd" to build specialized service models integrated with social resources. Primary services include work-related and life-related assistance. A total of 165 staff members made use of Corporation EAP consultation services in 2020. According to the survey of 2020, the overall satisfaction rate reached 86.46% and the EAP exposure rate is 88.55%, showing that TIAC had a great implementation result in 2020. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
TTIA Childcare Center
Adequate childcare allows colleagues to keep their minds at ease while at work. TIAC established the TTIA Childcare Center in August 2018, with independent medical-grade air-conditioning and furnishings made from the highest standards of healthy non-toxic building materials. In addition, 24-hour fire control, security, and surveillance systems were also installed, with all facilities and appliances confirmed to be compliant with relevant laws and regulations. This childcare environment adhering to the highest standards ensures that staff members can have peace of mind while working, and that their children can grow up healthily and happily. Interior environment of TTIA Childcare Center
Social Feedback and Participation
Revitalization of cultural relics in the Aviation Science Museum
Give the new life to the exhibits under the concept of aviation promotion and benefit the next generation and aviation fans, showing that TIAC takes the responsibility to the cultural relic preservation and corporate social responsibility. Exhibition Space of Air Force Museum of R.O.C Air Force Academy
Volunteer Project
Participation in social engagement activities by local community retirees, retired former employees, and enthusiastic members of society are fully encouraged by TIAC. The Corporation provides information regarding volunteer recruitment plans on its official website every year, and asks for volunteers to assist with important tasks such as responding to traveler queries, guiding travelers to lost-and-found counters, providing boarding consultation services for travelers with disabilities, and helping travelers seek emergency medical care.
Community Relationship
TIAC with you, Along with the Love
TIAC invited 150 children and their families from Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Taoyuan Center, to give back to the local people and our neighbors by taking practical actions. TIAC organized an airport day tour for children, through a better understanding of the airport operation to attract their interests at the airport and aviation industry to nurturing the next generation of aviation talents. Apart from entering the restricted apron with the breeze and laughing, they can take a closer view of airside operations. TIAC arranged an excellent magic show and prepared the most popular sugar cookies icing of the 10th TTIA anniversary celebration. TIAC brings happiness to the regional children by taking action to deliver local support and care, brings them joy and encourage them to broaden their vision, walk into the world and pursue their dreams with confidence.
TIAC with you, Along with the Love
Underprivileged Youth Experiential Learning of Aerodrome Operations
TIAC recruits 18 part-time students in summer 2020 and arranged a series of airport training, which include airside operations management, airside fire prevention, ground operation, terminal luggage service introduction and field observation to peek at the unknown airport operation procedures.
Introduction to airport facilities
Sending love at Chungyuan Pu Tu
TIAC follows the traditional culture and makes sumptuous offerings during Chungyuan Pu Tu - the lunar ghost month. TIAC began cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare, Taoyuan City Government in 2014, and with the concept of the food bank, donates all the offerings to the underprivileged groups and needed families. To comply with the government's on-going COVID-19 prevention policy and reduce gatherings in 2020, the donation came in the form of rice and dry food and was donated voluntarily. After the ceremony, the staff of the department of Social Welfare, Taoyuan City Government would distribute these supplies to the needy underprivileged groups and the total amount of the food can support the food bank for at least 3 months.
Chungyuan Pu Tu
Give Back to the Neighbors and Community Neighborly
To benefit residents living around the airport, and give back to the neighbors and community, President & CEO of TIAC, Lin Hsiang-sheng, represented TIAC to donate around 300 sets of 4-seater seats to Dayuan District. While passenger volume is still low due to the pandemic, TIAC actively arranged maintenance and repair works to fix software and hardware facilities; several airport lounges were under renovation recently. To utilize resources and realize the corporate social responsibility, after completing administrative procedures for replacement, a batch of seats that have been used for 6 years but are still in good condition were donated to the Civil Affairs Office of Dayuan District, which was highly acknowledged by the local community.
Group photo with the neighborhood
Strengthen Airport Economic Activity
Enjoying the Happiness with TIAC at Mother's day
TIAC invites the "mommy employees" to enjoy the happy meal time with us and spend a good time having fantastic food at work. As long as the "mommy employees" show a photo of themselves and their children and their badges, they could go to the departure service counter at Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 to take free meal vouchers value at NTD100 to recharge and relax at work! The event provides 5,000 vouchers to recognize the hard work of the mommy employees, and at the same time to stimulate the consumption and economy at TTIA.
Senior Vice President Hung Yu-fen (No. 4 from the left), celebrated Mother's Day by sending greetings to the airport employees
Let's Check-in at the most Attractive TTIA
As TTIA had been enlisted the top check-in spots in Taiwan several times, TIAC planned gorgeous, historical, and comfortable spaces including the literature wall, certificate identification lobby, Mind Garden Airport library, themed airport lounge and calligraphy installation art at the arrival hall of Terminal 2. With the restriction due to the outbreak of COVID-19, people have fewer opportunities to get into the airport, but TIAC believes that everyone must have attractive photos of them in their mobile phones or cameras from the airport. TIAC held the "Let's check-in at the most attractive TTIA" event from July to August. From the viewpoint of the visitors, more people could see the prettiest spots. The event attracted lots of great photographers to visit TTIA, benefiting the airport economy and stimulates the consumption of the internal shop.
Let's Check-in at the most Attractive TTIA Facebook posts
Let's Go! Friends of Taoyuan Airport Club
Due to the stagnant of international tourism, the airport economy is not that dynamic as before. Facing the alleviation of the domestic epidemic situation, TIAC makes the connection with the airport business partners to host the "Friends of Taoyuan Airport Club" event during the summer vacation, which is defined as the "Epidemic New Life Movement" period, to boost the airport economy with the in-depth travel.
Friends of Taoyuan Airport Club
"Airport Adventures Together" FUN Summer Vacation Activity Comprising of Singing and Dancing
To give back to society and provide children a distinctive and joyful summer vacation during the post epidemic era, TIAC hosts a free "Airport Adventures Together" FUN summer vacation activity, comprising of singing and dancing. From August to September in 2020, TIAC invited the most popular cartoon character of the kindergarten and elementary children, Poli and YOYO Family to TTIA for playing games with the children. The event attracted parents to take their kids to the TTIA to join the free event, which not only stimulated the consumption of the airport but also built a relaxing place for families to spend parenting time, see airplanes and enjoy tasty food together.
YOYO Family and cartoon character of the Rescuers, Poli and Amber, having fun with the children.
Diversified Cooperative Micro Vacation Program
The Ministry of Transportation and Communications encourages the affiliated organizations to enlarge the scale of employee travel, environmental education and family day tour to the TTIA. The company prepared 2 itinerary package options, and the package can be customized according to special requirements. The activities had brought 1,420 participants to visit the airport and every package had reserved duty-free merchandise shopping time, which has improved the purchase rate for the shops and food providers. Through the event, the visiting groups could experience different characters and services of the airport.
Micro Vacation Program
Cultural Support
Miaoli Creative and Cultural Handicraft Exhibition
To make the best use of the public spaces of TTIA, TIAC integrated the elements of tourism, art, culture and creativity to promote Taiwan's local culture in 2020. "Window of Taiwan, Miaoli Creative and Cultural Handicraft" exhibition was held from February 22 to May 21 at 1st floor Arrival Hall in Terminal 2 of TTIA. This exhibition encompasses five major crafts of Miaoli "woodcarving, plant dyed weaving, rush weaving, bamboo rattan weaving and wood-fired ceramics". Through the Window of Taiwan, local craftsmen could show their craft and benefit the locals to travel back to Miaoli, while showing the pride of Taiwan to the international travelers.
Miaoli Creative and Cultural Handicraft
Magical TTIA Landscape Photographer
The captured moment always comes with touching stories behind it. The photograph exhibition was opened for submission with the main topic of "Airplane photography". The winning collections will be displayed there. These 28 pieces of photographs were displayed from April to September in 2020 at the expansion area of 5th floor Terminal 2 of TTIA.
Airplane photography
Window of Taiwan—Taitung Exhibition - Go East►No plan, Long plan
Taitung County Government deployed in advance the event "Window of Taiwan - Taitung Exhibition - Go East ► No plan, Long plan" from May 22 to November 21 on 1st floor of Terminal 2 as the warm up event for embracing the sunrise from the global recovery. With the intriguing concept of the "number of days to stay in Taitung", the exhibition demonstrated with motion display for the peace and slow movement and opens up for the display cabinet with the experienced scenery of Taitung. According to the staying time of people, it introduced the mountain-and-sea experiences, regional festivals and cultural exploration and "Slow and Fast" of the fascinating city, etc.
Window of Taiwan—Taitung Exhibition - Go East►No plan, Long plan
Window of Taiwan - With Tea We Connect
National Museum of History organizes the special exhibition "With Tea We Connect" to promote Taiwanese culture, enrich the environment of TTIA, and enhance the cultural image of the country, allowing local and international travelers to appreciate the most beautiful parts of Taiwanese tea culture. No matter they are residents who came back late or the early arrived travelers, with the impact of the epidemic, a cup of the warm tea could always comfort the weary mind and soul. The exhibits introduce distinctive Taiwanese tea culture to build up individual tea memories. And there are three main topics of the exhibition: With tea we connect, the unique features of the environment with distinctive characteristics of the tea, and Formosa Tea.
special exhibition