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Green Supplier Management

Green Supplier Management

As a state-owned enterprise, TIAC's procurement activities are in compliance with the Government Procurement Act, and through fair and transparent procedures to enhance procurement efficiency and the purpose of legislation, and to implement supply chain management; additionally, as TIAC is a downstream industry, our suppliers mainly provide labor, financial, and engineering services. Besides, there are several dozen on-site companies that coexist with the TIAC. TIAC commits to compliance with national regulatory requirements, implementation of governmental procurement regulations, and active focus on the legal compliance of collaborating partners regarding environmental, labor, and occupational health and safety regulations. TIAC works with all contractors to shape a high-quality workplace.


Material Topic: Supplier management

Supplier Policies and Commitments

Supplier Policies and Commitments

Collaborating partners of TIAC

Participating Conditions for Suppliers

TIAC has showed through bidding files that, suppliers should follow government sourcing regulations and related measures. Related measure as follows:

  • Suppliers cannot break the environmental protection regulations, and should source government approved environmentally friendly products, domestic renewable energy or products that are produced using renewal energy as a certain percentage of raw materials in the first place.
  • Suppliers should fulfill energy saving and emission reduction during contract and conduct related files (e.g. ISO14064-1, ISO50001, Airport Council International (ACI) certification program), to strengthen sustainable awareness.
  • Suppliers should follow the protection of disabled people's rights regulations, indigenous people working right protection regulations, and sourcing regulations, when they hire people of these categories.
  • Employees hired by suppliers should follow regulations of the labor standard act and the occupational safety and health act. To enhance safety and hygiene in the working environment of Taoyuan International Airport, TIAC creates "contract supplier safety and hygiene management measures", to ensure safety to our staff and workers of contract suppliers. Furthermore, TIAC fulfills management in every working stage. To know more about contract supplier management, please see 5.2 secure and healthy working environment.
  • Suppliers should follow the regulations of TIAC. If any supplier is against the regulation and result in facility damages, suppliers other than contract or rules with special penalty, will face penalty as follows: First time, deduct 1% of the contract fee that month; second time, deduct 5% of the contract fee that month; third time, deduct 10% of the contract fee that month, and accelerate each time. If suppliers further create negative news, reports, internet criticism, effecting reputation of our company, they will receive further penalty of 1 to 5 times.
  • Based on the contract, if suppliers break any regulations, they will be withdrawn from the contract.