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Green Supplier Management

Green Supplier Management
Green Supplier Management

TIAC is located at the downstream portion of the industry. In other words, TIAC’s suppliers mainly provide labor, financial, and engineering services. Besides, there are several dozen on-site companies that coexist with the TIAC. TIAC commits to compliance with national regulatory requirements, implementation of governmental procurement regulations, and active focus on the legal compliance of collaborating partners regarding environmental, labor, and occupational health and safety regulations. TIAC works with all contractors to shape a high-quality workplace.

To promote and implement workplace health and safety measures at TTIA and ensure the safety of all employees, TIAC established the "Management Guidelines for Contractor Health and Safety." For more information on contractor management.

Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Collaborating Partners, including Labor Engineering Finance, Equipment Products Information Systems, Airline Operators Ground Handling Services and On-site companies.