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Special Civil Defence Corps


As the nation's critical infrastructure, TTIA is bound by the Civil Defense Act to establish a Special Defence Corps in respond to disasters including natural and man-caused, communication network hazards and bio-pathogen diseases. The Special Defence Corps regrouped the state-owned-private-run units in TTIA into 18 sub-groups and 13-line teams according to their features. To build tenacity of the airport, the Special Civil Defence Corps integrated TTIA's stakeholders and proposed the "disaster prevention warrior" concept and "disaster prevention awareness and human resource training" to enhance coordination between sub-groups and line teams, achieve self-rescue, mutual rescue, and public rescue, and to enhance capacity to respond to complex disasters.

In 2020, the Special Civil Defence Corps held several educational trainings, emergency care, and unexpectedly mobilized the teams for training. Additionally, the Corps introduced "relocation scenario training and special disaster response exchange visit", "board game workshop of disaster prevention awareness training", and "scenario board game camp of disaster prevention awareness". Training activities focused on simulations and interactions to gain knowledge about disaster prevention.

Relocation scenario training/ special disaster prevention response visit

Man-made disaster- terrorist attack, chemicals, radiation, animal and plant disease, and bio pathogen: visits ground forces chemical radiation training center
To prepare for disasters like Covid-19 and African swine fever, TIAC visited the training center to learn more about how the ground forces do chemical analysis, inspection, and isolation on bio pathogen. Now the place is used for the operation of big inspection machine car, which serves as reference for Special Civil Defense Corps' future operation. 107 people participated in 2020.

Man-made disaster activity photos
Man-made disaster activity intro

Natural disaster- windstorm, flood, and earthquake, fire: visits to Taoyuan city disaster prevention education building
Visitors experience fire, earthquake and smog through VR and practice on fire extinguisher and water extinguishing. It enhances disaster prevention knowledge of participants based on the airport's possible disaster. There were 4 sessions in 2020, with 237 participants.

Natural disaster activity photos
Natural disaster activity intro

Man-made disaster- explosion and bio pathogen- Covid-19: visits to Taoyuan city Sha Yang Ye robot factory
To learn innovative technologies such as IOT (internet of things), block chain, smart rescue, and epidemic prevention robots, members of the Special Civil Defence Corps visited robot factories to gain disaster prevention knowledge, understanded the wide range of application of robots, including for rescue, accompany, performance, combat, culture and creativity, and for service. The robot technology could be introduced to TIAC's disaster prevention plan in the future. It could improve the detection of disasters, allow for advance preparation, and mitigate human injury in dangerous areas. 106 people participated in the visits in 2020.

Disaster prevention awareness board game workshop/ disaster prevention awareness scenario type board game camp

TIAC recognized that regular educational training can fail to incite interest and active participation. Therefore, we invited outside board game expert TIAC's BALA board game club, and Ming Chuan University's Graduate School of Urban Planning and Disaster Management to create vivid, interesting, and interactive board games corresponding to each units' needs for disaster prevention preparation, harm mitigation, response, and recovery from disaster through simulations close to their work place.

Board game activity
Board game activity photos